Portunus Consulting is based in St. Louis, Missouri and serves businesses and law firms throughout Eastern Missouri. Founder and principal consultant Kurt Aubuchon has been in the IT field for nearly 20 years and has been focused on information security for the last 10 years. After years in the corporate world, Kurt joined the faculty of Maryville University in St. Louis and launched Portunus Consulting. At Maryville University, Kurt teaches courses in Computer Forensics and Incident Response and supervises the University’s Cyber Fusion Center.  Kurt brings his corporate experience and teaching expertise to clients through Portunus Consulting.

Where did the name Portunus come from? Portunus was a Roman god of keys, doors and river ports. Portunus’s association with keys, doors and ports is a natural fit for a security consulting firm. And, the association with river ports specifically is a nod to the history of Kurt’s beloved hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.

Few relics of Portunus remain, but a temple to the god still sits on the banks of the Tiber in Rome. The four columns of the front of the temple give Portunus Consulting its logo.